Homework (KS3)

Homework is a tricky topic. 

For some parents we set too much/too little/too hard/too easy/too academic/too creative homework.  Despite this, however, we all agree that we want the best for your children, and that we want them to get a really powerful education; being well-educated opens more doors in the future.

Homework at Turton, in years 7, 8 and 9 will help our students to review their learning: we have to return to learning lots of times to make it stick.  It will also be structured in order to help get our students into strong habits of working at home.  We all know that eventually we have to be able to work, even when no-one is checking up on us, but this takes a little practice and training.

Year 7, 8 and 9 students will have a weekly homework from every subject.  (This is separate to the summer learning that pupils have already done.) 

They will receive a paper booklet from every subject explaining exactly what to do each week and a zip folder to keep the booklets in.

They will also receive a homework timetable that tells them the set day that they must hand in each subject. (Some subjects have had to alter this slightly if a class has more than one teacher, but teachers will make sure that students have changed this in their planners.)

SEND students, will be given additional support in order to be able to access the homework set.

We know that, as with everything, we need your help and support to get this right.  You know your child best, and know how much you will need to check on them to begin with in order to make sure that they complete all of their homework to a good standard. So a thank you in advance for supporting your child, and helping us to make that powerful education a reality.