Education at Turton School

At Turton School education is all about developing knowledge and skills for the 21st century. Our aim is for students to leave Turton with the confidence, aptitude and skills they need for life and work. Education at Turton helps young people to understand how to be happy and to develop and maintain their own emotional, physical and mental well-being. Young people bring with them the expectation not just to sit and listen, but to participate, to interact and to shape.

This makes our ethos central, intrinsic and unique. We have thoughtfully developed the school ethos such that it underpins all that we do and we feel that it is best described by our Turton Values.

Our values represent a way of working that ensures we provide the best possible educational experiences for our young people in the parallel curricula; academic and social/emotional. Through this, we aim to ensure that students develop good character, skills for their futures and the knowledge and understanding to gain relevant qualifications.

The Turton values encompass our vision and the principles that inform the school's ethos. They guide the development of skills within our young people, as well as ensuring that they develop in a caring environment that brings out the best in everyone.

The links to each value explain how they inform Teaching, Learning, Care and Character development.



Wisdom requires that we apply insight, experience, common sense and value to our knowledge.  Its essence is discernment: right from wrong, helpful from harmful, truth from delusion.  The qualities of wisdom allow us to see reality and its complexities, but remain steadfast and determined.  We can see how things are in the eyes of others, as well as being able to give others an accurate depiction of ourselves.  Building on the knowledge and experience of the past, using the experiences and connectivity of the present, we make decisions and move forward into the challenges of the future.


Courage is about having the inner strength and resolve to do the right thing rather than the easy thing.  It is required as a means of overcoming our natural fears and anxieties in order that we operate from a place of strength and determination to make progress.


The value of humanity puts compassion at the centre of every thought and action.  It encourages an appreciation that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and that our collective endeavours will lead to a better outcome for all.  Empathising with others’ situations to understand others’ thoughts and actions. Humanity cares, supports and cajoles us to be better people.


Justice preserves human dignity, no matter the circumstance.  It finds a collective, societal agreement on the moral line in the sand; creating circumstances that allow us to function freely within our social constructs.


Temperance is the value that helps us keep our equilibrium.  It is the quality within ourselves, and our organization, that allows us to step back, take a minute, and consider our response.  It keeps us true to ourselves so that we neither become reactionary, when things don’t go as well as we’d like, nor too elated when things go well: it grounds us.  Temperance ensures we balance pride with humility, courage with restraint and transcendence with action.


Transcendence allows us the ability to see the bigger picture, to see the whole rather than the sum of the parts.  It is the invisible threads that link to the past the present and the future. Transcendence recognises the power of knowledge in search of truth. To centre ourselves we must recognise both our insignificance and significance. We believe in a liberal arts’ education as oppose to a utilitarian view.  Education in its own right is the end goal, going beyond any prescribed syllabi.

Why are we doing this?


Our aim for students is to leave Turton School with the confidence, skills, and the aptitude they need for life and work.  We believe well-being comes from a satisfaction with personal relationships and a sense of purpose in life.

This helps our students achieve their full school potential and gives them a sense of personal responsibility by taking ownership for their learning, therefore helping them develop and leave school ready for success in their next chapter in life.


Developing self-awareness in students encompasses the positive inter-personal skills and attitudes needed to achieve well-being and develop personally and academically.  Here at Turton we create our own rituals of reinforced behaviour in the form of our “Hive Switch”. This involves specific targets that Turton staff and students as a whole school are working on.

Hive Switch rules and why they are important for success


We hope this fully explains the reasoning behind the Hive Switch rules. 


Should you have any comments regarding the rules, please do not hesitate to contact us...