Pastoral at Turton School


Turton School pastoral support aims to equip every child to be ready to learn in their lessons.


A firm approach delivered with empathy, ensures all students can meet our high expectations.   This enables all our students to achieve the outcomes they are capable of.   The pastoral team of year heads and mentors, is able to meet the diverse needs of all our students, at all stages of their time at Turton.  

Here at Turton we want our students to feel supported in every aspect of school life, ensuring they are settled in school and can flourish in their academic studies.  Every child is an individual, and pastoral care has a core set of values, in our Hive Switch, complemented by tailored support for each individual student. 


The Hive Switch sets a purposeful climate for learning in every classroom, while developing skills like review, meeting deadlines and working individually; all skills needed to excel in public exams at 16 and 18.



Turton prides itself on the range of opportunities and the bespoke support of students for all aspects of careers. Close collaboration with the National Collaborative Outreach Programme, sixth form colleges and also local employers ensure that all aspirations are catered for.


Students will receive help and advice via assemblies and form time and also have the opportunity to visit the dedicated careers office for more specialist advice. The regular careers page keeps form tutors, students and parents informed of the latest careers courses, apprenticeships, open days and also gives an insight into the mechanisms of job/ course applications plus a detailed look at select careers in the spotlight.


The journey of students through Turton is considered to be a seven year one, but this is not always possible so there is close liaison with the Bolton Connexions service to ensure that every student has the opportunity for unbiased careers advice for all the key transitions within school, particularly those from year 11 to post GCSE; this support will continue even after the students have left Turton if the need arises.


For any careers information contact Miss B. Allcock ( or  Or our Connexions advisor Caroline Seddon (


You can also check out our Careers Advice Page for more information.