Learning:  Key Stage 3  

Key stage 3 builds the foundations for lifelong learning. Each subject has clear progression routes to ensure that students meet their age related expectations. We initially develop the grammar of each subject: the knowledge and skills needed as building blocks for future learning. Upon a solid foundation we can encourage students to develop the dialectic of each subject, creating links between pieces of knowledge and creatively using skills to learn more. Students can then learn how to express themselves within each subject area, creating a specific rhetoric with which they can share their learning at a high academic level.  

Turton Scholars' Pathway

At Turton we recognise that all students are different, they have unique talents, personalities and abilities.

Thus within a comprehensive education we must cater for these differences, ensuring that all students are given the best possible education we can offer by catering for varying needs and eventualities.

As part of our on-going commitment to our highest academically achieving students, we have designed a rich curriculum aimed at stretching students in all aspects of their education. 


This curriculum provides students with many opportunities to excel.

Learning:  Key Stage 4

At Turton we provide the young people in our care with a high quality education that is broad, purposeful and balanced. An education that affords our students a means to attaining the future they dream for themselves; as well as a breath of knowledge and understanding to take out into the world. As reflected in the examination results for 2019, our GCSE successes replicate our commitment to both the more traditional academic subjects and the arts and creative curriculum.

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    Headline Figures (2018-2019)  Not Current

    82% of our young people left with a grade 4 or above in English with over 65% gaining grade 5 or above.

    In Mathematics over 70% of students left with grade 4 and 45% with grade 5.

    There were excellent results in French with over 63% getting a grade a grade 5 or above, whilst over 83% achieved grade 4 or above; in Spanish over 76% achieved above grade 5 and  over 86% Grade 4 or above.

    23% of our Biology students gained a grade 7 or above.

     In dance 38% achieved a grade 9 and in drama 78% left with grade 5 or above; whilst In PE 91 % achieved grade 4 and 82% grade 5 and above.

    66% of our cohort left with grade 4 or above in both English and mathematics; whilst 41% left with grade 5 or above in both.

    Our provisional progress 8 is -0.23, which reflects our commitment to inclusivity and to a broad and balanced academic curriculum.

    The successes our students experience at Key stage 4 means that over 60% of them join our sixth form.

    They go on to discover equal success in our sixth form where eventually 75% will go to university and 25% into higher level apprenticeships or employment.

    Our sixth form is, again, a mix of successful traditional A’ Level subjects – 67% of our Government and politics students, 77% of our English Literature students, 100% of our MFL and drama students achieve A*- B - and Level 2 BTEC awards in subjects such as Health and Social care.

    Subject Overviews

    In Key Stage 4, your child will study a mix of compulsory and optional subjects. In addition, pupils have to take careers education and work-related learning.

    For an overview of the KS4 curriculum, please download the presentation given to parents on the KS4 Curriculum Information Evening this year.

    Support with Examinations

    In order to prepare thoroughly for each students' exams, we have consolidated a list of resources to help with planning and revision.

    Sixth Form College

    In the sixth form we offer AS and A2 qualifications in around 30 subjects, those listed above plus Government and Politics, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Further Maths, plus level 3 BTECs in Applied Science, ICT, Health and Social Care and Business Studies.  


    In addition students have Complementary Studies (covering a wide range of skills), tutor time (covering PSHE), can complete the EPQ and work experience.   Over 85% of the sixth form move onto University each year. More details of the curricula provision for sixth form can be found on the sixth form website.

    Citizenship, PSHE and IAG are taught through subject areas and tutorial time.

    If you have any questions about the curricular provision please email balik@turton.uk.com

    Key Stage 5 summer 2019 results (Not Current)

    Average grade per A-Level Entry C+ / Vocational Distinction.

    A* - B = 37.5%          A* - E = 96.8%          A* - C = 69.17%