A visit to Canon Slade to see Author Chris Riddell. By Grace Higginson (Year 7)

A visit to Canon Slade to see Author Chris Riddell.


On the 16th November, I and a group of 25 fellow year 7 went on a trip to see the amazing, current children’s laureate author, Chris riddell. It was a great experience to meet this wonderful author and illustrator.

Aged just 54, he has already achieved a lot in his life and will hopefully go on to achieve even more. He has won many awards for his books and written and illustrated many. Some of the best include: Ottoline (series); Goth Girl(series); Fergus Crane(series); Mr Underbed and Pirate Diary.

The morning started out with a trek to Canon Slade School, where the event was taking place. Once we were all seated in the hall, the main event began. Chris Riddell told us all about the way he became an author/illustrator and showed us some of his phenomenal sketchbooks. Everyone was in awe of his incredible ability to create a new character from nothing.

Chris didn’t have the best start to his career as he got rejected from many publishers before finally finding the perfect one. Soon after, his first book, Mr Undrebed, was created and ready to be sold. Currently he has many of books on sale and lot’s of publishers wanting to produce his work. Chris Riddell is an amazing inspiration to us all. 

Grace Higginson
Year 7 Student