Homework Challenge: Science (Core Stability #7)

Science Homework (Year 11):  Core Stability #7

Please answer the following questions in your exercise book (entitled 'Core Stability #7')

Homework    Topic:
Question 1 Which scientist was famous for his theory of continental drift? P1
Question 2 Which gas makes up only 1% of the present atmosphere of the Earth? C1
Question 3 Convection currents in the core result in which process beneath the oceans? P1
Question 4 What happens to cells which are exposed to gamma radiation? P2
Question 5 Which process is used to separate crude oil into useful fractions? C2
Question 6 A climbing rope would be srong in (compression/ tension) and weak in (compression/ tension). Delete the wrong ones! C2
Question 7 Give two ways in which plants can naturally clone. B1
Question 8 What do we mean the term 'ionisation'? P2