Careers Talk: Civil Engineering

Rising Stars: Civil Engineering Talk

On Tuesday 1st December, the Rising Star group and a few other lucky students from across the years were invited to listen to an outstanding talk delivered by a woman who works within the Civil Engineering industry. She told us that there are plenty of jobs within the area and really engrossed us into her job and world with this eye-opening talk. At the start she went through what her job involved and how it relates to everyday life. She brought in a selection of items relating to her job and asked us to guess what they were and what they were used for including building material and plans for a new motorway.

After this talk I believe that every single person came out with barrels of new knowledge which they didn’t only find interesting but will also help them in the future.

If you wish to join the Rising Stars programme or just want to find out what it is about, then feel free to e-mail me or Mrs Murphy and ask about it and I’m sure we will be delighted to reply.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came to the talk and also the woman who came in, in her free time, to talk to use and enlighten us with her knowledge about her job.

Thank you once again. 

Danny Lavin,