Maths Learning Walk

January 18th, 2016

Maths Learning Walk

On 5th January 2016 fellow Governor, Dave Miller and I met with Deputy Head Teacher, Mrs Bach and Ms Gorse the Head Teacher. Initially we observed their book scrutiny of a selection of pupils’ work books from various classes and years. Their very thorough scrutiny was to ensure consistent teaching and marking was taking place, ensuring all pupils received the same high standard of teaching.

Following on from this we undertook a Maths Learning Walk. Several classes were visited and in all the children were engaged with the lesson. One lesson was being taught by a trainee teacher on the School Direct teacher training programme. The teacher in question was supported by the presence of a fully qualified member of the Maths department.

Visiting classes from Year 7 to 10, it was clearly evident how the lessons progressed and stretched the children over the years. As ever when in the school, the general behaviour of students was excellent.

Over all the visit confirmed that the Maths department is receiving all the support and attention that such an important subject deserves.