English offers three great crafts: communication, interpretation and imagination. Throughout their years at Turton, pupils earn these crafts via three routes: they get a grounding in all aspects of reading, writing, literacy and context  – the grammar; wrangle with the deeper implications of a variety of literary and language texts – the dialectic; and they hone their creative, functional and analytical writing skills – the rhetoric. This is one seamless journey: from year seven to year thirteen; from dependent to independent; from emerging to mastery.

Course Contacts

Head of Department: 

Mrs. N Travis  

( travisn@turton.uk.com )

KS5 Coordinator:

Mr. D Johnson 

( johnsond@turton.uk.com )

KS3 Coordinator:

Miss L Murphy 

( murphyl@turton.uk.com )

Teaching Staff:

Ms C Baily 

( bailyc@turton.uk.com )

Mr. R Bali 

( balir@turton.uk.com )

Miss. H Banks 

( banksh@turton.uk.com )

Mrs. C Brindle (SEN Coordinator) 

( brindlec@turton.uk.com )

Mrs. S Callen-Cox 

( callen-coxs@turton.uk.com )

Ms. K Bradley-Law

( bradley-lawk@turton.uk.com )

Ms. F Grainger

( graingerf@turton.uk.com )

Mrs. A Lane 

( lanea@turton.uk.com )

Mrs. S Matthews 

( matthewss@turton.uk.com )

Miss. K McKenna 

( mckennak@turton.uk.com )

Mrs R Scott

( scottr@turton.uk.com )

Mrs. L Smith 

( smithl@turton.uk.com )

Ms A Tabner 

( tabnera@turton.uk.com )

Mrs. I Taylor 

( taylori@turton.uk.com )

Mrs. R Wright 

( wrightr@turton.uk.com )