Year 7 Summer Reading Challenge

Year 7 Summer Reading Challenge

This summer we are encouraging year 7 students to keep up their reading and avoid the traditional slipping behind that takes place in the long holiday, with our summer reading challenge. Pupils have been given a postcard with details of the challenge but you can also download it here. The challenge falls into 2 parts. Extreme reading, where someone takes a photo of them reading a book in an unusual place that they can save on their phone or email to school, to create a display in a library lesson when they come back to school. The second part of the challenge is to read as much as they can over summer from the different categories on the postcard. Categories are very flexible such as ‘a book with a blue spine’ to allow them to choose books they like. We are hoping that this will help pupils to find the time to read over summer in a way they will enjoy. If you have any queries or need any help choosing books for your child please email for advice.



Mrs Sprawling


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