Turton Parent Podcast: Episode 3

Turton Parent Podcast: Episode 3


Episode 3 of our Turton Parent podcast arrives a day before we break up for the winter holidays. In this recording we focus on future career pathways with our sixth form and our careers advice systems. Advice for parents and our mental health nurse talks about the many options Turton school offers to students who may be having difficulties.


Produced on 21st December, 2023.


On this episode...

0:00 Introduction by Mrs. Blakeley

1:03 Turton Sixth Form with Mrs. Bali

3:12 Careers help & support with Miss. Roache

5:56 Mental Health Support with Miss. Crosby

9:01 Sixth Form student talk about their first year at college.



(Audio Only)

Duration: 9mins 54 seconds



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