Year 11 Science & Maths Exams (Mocks /OCT)


Please find attached a copy of the exam timetable for the upcoming Year 11 Science and Maths exams. All year 11 students have been issued with this timetable and have a copy on their school email account. Your son / daughter’s Maths and Science teachers  will have discussed these exams with them and all students should be underway with their preparation. If you have any questions about these exams please contact your son / daughter’s teacher or the relevant Head of Department.

Head of Maths (Mr P Howard)

Head of Science (Mr M Smith)

These exams and the preparation for them with enable students to see how far they have come, since their previous examinations,  and also what areas need working on as they move through year 11.

If there are any further questions then please do get into contact with either myself, your son / daughter’s Form Tutor or Mr McElroy.



Jeanette Edge