Pathway Choices for Year 9


Dear parent,

Students in year 9 have received their pathway booklet today; the booklet details the subject choices available in year 10 and 11, starting in September 2018.  The students have been placed onto one of two pathways.  The EBacc pathway asks students to choose a language (French or Spanish), a humanity subject (history or geography) and one other subject from a wide range of GCSEs.  The Open pathway asks students to choose form an EBacc subject (French, Spanish, History, Geography, Computer Science and Separate Science) and then two subjects from the full range of GCSEs and level 2 subjects we offer in school.  The students have been selected for a pathway and have received the relevant pathway booklet today to help explain the choices available. 


On Thursday 25th January, there is a pathway evening which starts with a talk at 6pm for those on the Open Pathway and at 6.30pm for those on the EBacc pathway.  After the talk various classrooms will be open with subject staff able to discuss their subject, and displays explaining what it means to study each subject.  You and your son / daughter are invited to this evening, which will help inform student choices.  There will also be a parents evening in March and final pathway choices will need to be submitted by Friday 9th March.


I look forward to seeing you at the Pathway Evening on Thursday 25th January when I, along with many other members of staff, will be available to answer questions.  Please contact me at school if you have any questions between now and then.   


Kind Regards

Cathy Bach

Deputy Head Teacher