Homework Challenge: Science (Core Stability #2)

Science Homework (Year 11):  Core Stability #2

Please answer the following questions in your exercise book (entitled 'Core Stability #2')

Homework    Topic:
Question 1 What will a catalytic converter change carbon monoxide to? C1
Question 2 In a chemical equation… the number of atoms in the reactants equals that in the products- this is known as the Law of Conservation of …? C1
Question 3 As the distance from the source of EM radiation increases the intensity (stays the same/ increases/ decreases). Delete the wrong ones! P2
Question 4 How long ago did the levels of carbon dioxide suddenly start rising after thousands of years of stability? P2
Question 5 What evidence for large forces in the crust may show up in the rocks? P1
Question 6 How would decreasing the cross linking of a substance affect the strength of the substance? C2
Question 7 Name the scientist who proposed the theory of evolution by natural selection. B3
Question 8 Give two reasons why a species may become extinct. B3