Homework Challenge: Science (Core Stability #1)

Science Homework (Year 11):  Core Stability #1

Please answer the following questions in your exercise book (entitled 'Core Stability #1')

Homework    Topic:
Question 1 A person with one recessive faulty allele can pass that allele onto their children but won't show any symptoms themselves. They are known as a __________ of the disease. B1
Question 2 What effect can a high salt diet have on the body? C3
Question 3 Give three ways global warming might affect humans. P2
Question 4 Which scientist was famous for his theory of continental drift? P1
Question 5 Selective breeding and natural selection are similar. Why is the selective breeding more dangerous for the organism? B3
Question 6 How is the turbine driven in a power station? P3
Question 7 The frequency of a wave can be calculated by the wave speed divided by which wave property? P1
Question 8 A 12V car battery produces a current of 5 amps. What is the power of the battery? P3