Joshua Khan – Author Event for Year 7

Joshua Khan Author Event for Year 7
(Thursday 20th October 2016)
Our school has been chosen to host a book event, featuring the author Joshua Khan, on Thursday 20th October. As his latest fantasy adventure book ‘Shadow Magic’ ties in with the current year 7 English scheme of work, we are offering all year 7 students the chance to take part. The event will be held in the Arts Theatre from 1.00- 3.00pm. The event is free to attend but there will be the opportunity to purchase a signed book at the end of the event. There is no obligation to buy a book but children usually treasure signed books they buy at author events and it is a great way to motivate them to go on to read more.
Beyond Books will be selling copies of some of Joshua’s books at the discounted price of £5 each for him to sign after the session. If you would like to pre-order books, to ensure we have sufficient copies for your child, please email by Friday 14th October. Further information about Joshua and his ’s books can be found at
If you have any queries you can contact me in school between 8.15 am and 4.00 pm.
Judith Sprawling
 Learning Resource Centre Manager