Rising Stars: Daisy Bali (11T3)

Rising Stars: Daisy Bali (11T3) 'Trip to New York'

Last month I was lucky enough to go on a once in a lifetime trip to New York after coming runner up in an essay writing competition about the effects of 9/11. We got to see so much of New York, including the Police department, Fire department, New York times, 9/11 memorial, Empire State Building, Times Square and so much more including getting the chance to watch a Broadway show. It was really interesting to see how 9/11 is still affecting New York now, and it was particularly fascinating to hear from students at a school nearby, and their views on the effects of 9/11. I got the chance to meet other students from across the country who had also won, and the charity- Since 9/11- who organized it gave us so many opportunities to see and do things I’ll never get the chance to do again. The competition runs annually, and I would encourage all students to enter and hopefully get the chance to see this amazing city.

Daisy Bali 11T3