‘The holy curiosity of enquiry’ (Albert Einstein) is the core purpose of Science teaching. Here at Turton, we embed the grammar and knowledge of Science at Key Stage 3, giving a strong foundation to develop depth of thinking and conceptual understanding of the links between different strands of Science. The best Scientists have a natural curiosity to find out why things work, and it is essential that this investigative enquiry is based on sound foundations. Over the course of key stage 3 and 4 we support students to develop as scientists, gaining a deep understanding of all areas of Science. At key stage 4 we offer the separate sciences of Biology, Chemistry and Physics alongside Science GCSE qualifications, ensuring that all students have a solid Science background, and those who wish to study Science further have the skills and knowledge needed to succeed post 16. Post 16 study in Science is very popular at Turton, and we run courses in A level Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and Level 3 BTEC in Applied Science. Many of our students move onto Science related courses at University, and on to higher level apprenticeships and jobs in science.

Science naturally aligns itself with team work and cooperation, alongside peer review, encouraging our students to develop resilience, self-awareness and support for those around them. The Science community provides a positive role model on working together as Scientists across the world collaborate on disease eradication and projects such as the Human Genome Project. Science really does benefit the world.

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