Science Homework #5: Year 8 (Mrs Downing)

Science Homework:  Year 8  (Mrs Downing)

Homework    Topic:
Question 1 What is a vacuum? 7G
Question 2 Describe three ways in which we could use less fossil fuels and explain why it is important that we use less fossil fuels. 7I
Question 3 Sound waves can be reflected, transmitted or absorbed.  Draw a diagram to show what this means. 0
Question 4 Why do sounds travel faster in steel that it does in air?  Use ideas about particles in your answer. 7L
Question 5 How can air pressure be described?  Use an example to help e.g. the pressure inside a car tyre. 7G
Question 6 Give some examples of renewable energy resources. 7I
Question 7 Write down the name of three: a) contact forces b) non-contact forces 7K
Question 8 What happens when you add more bulbs to a circuit in parallel and why? 7J