Science Homework #24: Year 11

Science Homework #24:  Year 11

Homework    Topic:
Question 1 What do limestone rocks tell us about an area of Britain in the past? C3
Question 2 Burnt wood and urine were two traditional sources of which chemical? C3
Question 3 What is the name of the foul smelling gas having the symbol H2S? C3
Question 4 Sort the following organisms into a food chain…  chicken, fox hound, fox and wheat B3
Question 5 State the climate of ancient Britain and the process which led to coal formation. C3
Question 6 Explain in terms of pulses how a '0' and a '1' can be created in digital signals with pulses. P2
Question 7 What is the only fool-proof method of producing less carbon dioxide? C1
Question 8 A 12V car battery produces a current of 5 amps. What is the power of the battery? P3