Science Homework #23: Year 11

Science Homework #23:  Year 11

Homework    Topic:
Question 1 What effect can a high salt diet have on the body? C3
Question 2 Give one source of microwaves other than ovens. P2
Question 3 What do detrivores feed upon? B3
Question 4 Differences between members of the same species is called __________??? B3
Question 5 Sort these sources into primary OR secondary energy sources… fossil fuels, electricity, wind, nuclear, biofuels, waves and radiation from the Sun P3
Question 6 The family of types of radiation which includes light, xrays and radio waves amongst others is called….? P2
Question 7 Which photon transfers the most energy… light or gamma or radio? P2
Question 8 Give two industrial uses of alkalis. C3