Summer Learning – Years 7, 8 and 9


Summer is a time for rest and relaxation; it’s also a time for developing curiosity and having cultural experiences.  Most pupils do have a dip in their learning over the holidays, so take our summer challenge. We’ll be emailing you interesting articles and podcast links once a week for you to explore.  There is a significant amount of educational research that shows how much learning is lost over the summer, and also the effect this has on both final exam results, as well as students’ quality of education more widely.  Every subject has nominated two articles or podcasts that they think will really help Turton students to reflect back on what they’ve learnt last year, and look forward to what they’ll be learning when they return to us in September.   


  • We expect ALL students to engage in this learning, and staff will be questioning and debating the material with pupils in the first week back.


In order to make the process a bit more manageable, we will send out just a handful of links each week to both you and the children.  (For some links, you may have to sign up to BBC iPlayer - this is a free service).  We have checked the links as much as is possible for inappropriate language or content, but if you would like to double-check yourselves, then of course this would also support your conversations with students about what they’ve learnt.  Just to note, there won’t be anyone in school over the summer to monitor emails, but we will get back to you as soon as possible in September if you have any questions or comments.



Have a wonderful summer of rest, fun and curiosity,

Mrs Lane

(Assistant Head – KS3 Learning)