Careers Programme

Dear parent,


Turton is striving hard to provide an adaptable and informative careers programme for our students which runs through all year groups but with a special emphasis on years where options are taken and of course for post Year 11/12/13 .

One of the hardest parts of a careers programme is to pass on the ‘real feel’ of what a particular job entails and the day to day challenges it presents; with this in mind I was hoping that I might be able to enlist your help.

Within the  wider Turton community there will be a huge range of careers followed by parents, relatives, friends etc and I was hoping that Turton could use the expertise and knowledge already out there to assist with the careers decisions of our students.


Parents, relatives, friends etc  could potentially help us in one or more of the following ways…


  1. Allowing us to share their information about their job title and experience.
  2. Answering a few questions about their job so that the responses can be used to inform others in the bulletin, in assemblies or on notice boards.
  3. Agreeing to attend careers events to discuss their job.
  4. Assisting in mock interviews to improve the chances of our students.
  5. Agreeing to allow their child to accompany them to work for a day.
  6. Allow workplace visits for small (or large) groups.
  7. Any other way no matter how small e.g. useful web links, apprenticeship opportunities etc


If you feel that you can help in any way then please reply to this email and anything you can offer would be gratefully received.


If free time is a real issue, as it is in many jobs then perhaps you could answer one or more of the questions below about your job so that we use the information for the bulletin.

Possible questions:

Job title?

Qualifications/ training needed?

Key skills needed to be successful in your job?

What tasks does a ‘typical day’ involve?

Best bits of your job? (what parts of it might encourage people to follow this career?)

Worst bits of your job? (what parts of this job might discourage some people?)

Further information?


Best regards,

Jason Bach

Associate Assistant Head Teacher