Homework Challenge: Science (Core Stability #5)

Science Homework (Year 11):  Core Stability #5

Please answer the following questions in your exercise book (entitled 'Core Stability #5')

Homework    Topic:
Question 1 Which evidence from light tells us that further away galaxies are moving away from us faster than closer ones? P1
Question 2 What effect can a high salt diet have on the body? C3
Question 3 What is the name given to materials which emit gamma radiation all the time? P2
Question 4 Give two ways that a new species can form. B3
Question 5 Splitting with electricity is also known as_______________. C3
Question 6 Which three types of radiation can cause atoms and molecules to change and start reacting? P2
Question 7 What is the name given to an electromagnetic wave (normally radio) where information is superimposed onto it? P2
Question 8 The family of types of radiation which includes light, xrays and radio waves amongst others is called….? P2