Faith and Ethics Trip (by Martha Smith & Libby Roberts)

Faith and Ethics Trip

On Thursday 5th May T band (year 7) went on a trip to a Church, a Mandir and a Mosque (S band had beat us to it, attending on the previous Tuesday.)  First we went to the Mosque and saw the prayer hall, wash room and library. We learnt about the five pillars of Islam, including Ramadan and the pilgrimage to Mecca. Secondly we went to the Mandir where we began the visit by watching a traditional Hindu Prayer then a brief break to explore the artwork, costumes, statues and shrine, we were then allowed to ask any questions we had about the religion and building itself. Finally we went to the Methodist church (Victoria Hall), where we were given a tour followed by a short history on John Wesley (the church founder). The trip was a resounding success and was enjoyed by all, we would like to thank the Bolton Inter Faith Council who helped the Faith and Ethics department organise the trip. 

(Martha Smith 7T1)

Faith and Ethics Trip

In May a group of year 7s had the opportunity to visit three very different places of worship in Bolton as part of our ‘Faith & Ethics and me’ topic. Our exciting and sunny day began with a coach ride to the Zakariyya Mosque where we learnt about Wudu, which is a washing ritual before prayer, some lucky year 7 volunteers even had the chance to take part.  A volunteer showed us the prayer hall and taught us all about the five pillars of Islam.  After this we made our way to the Shree Swamnarayan Mandir, where we had the opportunity to see the absolutely beautiful pictures and statues. We listened to some interesting stories about Ganesh, one of the many Hindu gods. Finally, we ended our day at Victoria Hall Church where we learnt about the history of the hall and we had the chance to produce some art work to reflect what we had learnt throughout the day. We had a go at designing a Muslim prayer mat and a uniform for the Destitution Project (a church run support project for refugees and asylum seekers). It was an amazing day and we met some very interesting and kind people who welcomed us into their places of worship to learn about their religion.

(Libby Roberts 7T1)

Bobby Flitcroft and Georgia Reid (7T3)