Course Contacts


Head of Department: 

L. Gray  ( )

Teaching Staff: 

A. Crompton  ( )

C. Owen  ( )

G. Sabery  ( )

J. Kearns  ( )

M. Oliveira  ( )

The Art & Design curriculum revolves around the need for a strong knowledge base with subject specific grammar which is emphasised within our programmes of study, embedding key competences and practical skills. Throughout Key Stages, students are encouraged to contextualise their artwork with that of other artists/designers, using analytical skills, to respond with individual, personalised approaches. Dialectic questioning, debates and discussions allow students the opportunities to articulate informed opinions whilst the introduction of new media and diverse, experimental techniques allow learners to thoroughly develop creative concepts. Students are encouraged to communicate their ideas in a variety of visual and other formats to create, design and present with confidence and mastery.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Map

At Key Stage 4 pupils can opt to study a wide range of Art based specialisms: Fine Art, Art & Design, Photography, Three-Dimensional Design, Textiles and Graphic Design. The course structure, therefore, is very personalised to pupils’ individual needs but each will follow the below format:


  Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Year 10 Component 1: Portfolio Component 1: Portfolio Component 1: Portfolio
Year 11 Component 1: Portfolio Component 2: Externally Set Assignment Component 2: Externally Set Assignment