Year 11 Calendar 2023/2024

Our year 11 calendar, mapping out important dates for the year.


The calendar includes key dates including mock exams, Parents’ Evenings, Open Evenings etc. It is important that our students realise that year 11 is not a full year and it is therefore imperative that they use their time productively, not only in order to achieve success but also to reduce their stress and to remain calm.  


Whilst many of these dates are subject to change, it does give us an initial structure and journey throughout this important year.


*All dates are provisional


06/09/23WednesdayY11 start of term
02/10/23All weekNext Steps Week- students reflect on their next steps after GCSE
16/10/23 &
19 /10/23
and Thursday
Dance: Spacing GCSE set phrases (3:00-4:30)
19/10/23ThursdaySixth Form Open Evening
20/10/23FridayDance: SET PHRASES GCSE Dance EXAMINATION (9:10-11:10)
30/10/23All weekHalf Term
Oct-DecThroughout the ½ termChild Development: Component 2 PSA Controlled Assessment
06/11/23All weekY11 Sixth Form Application week – During this week students will
have the opportunity to apply to our sixth form.
06/11/23All weekY11 Assessment week (in-class assessments)
13/11/23All weekCurrent Affairs and Personal Development week
13/11/23All weekLanguages Mock Speaking Exams (Provisional)
24/11/23FridayY11 Mock Art Exam (Provisional)
27/11/23MondayStudents given Work Ethic scores and College Grades
29/11/23WednesdaySixth Form Interviews (1)
04/12/23MondayDance: Spacing GCSE Trio Performance (3:00-4:30)
07/12/23ThursdayY11 Parents’ Evening (1) (online)
11/12/23MondayDance: TRIO Performance GCSE Dance EXAMINATION (Intervention for SET PHRASES) (9:00-3:00)
22/12/23FridayLast day of term
25/12/23Two weeksChristmas
08/01/24MondayStart of term
15/01/24Two weeksY11 Mock Exams
25/01/24ThursdaySixth Form Interviews (2)
30/01/24TuesdayY11 Poetry Live at Manchester Opera House
15/02/24ThursdayMock exam results (Period 5)
19/02/24All weekHalf Term
04/03/24All weekLanguages Mock speaking Exams (provisional)
11/03/24 &
Monday and TuesdayDance: Spacing rehearsal for GCSE exam work (3:00-5:00)
14/03/24ThursdayDance: GCSE Internal Moderation/examination (9:00-3:00)
14/03/24ThursdayY11 Parents’ Evening (2) (in-school)
18/03/24MondayDance: Technical rehearsal for dance show (3:00-4.00)
20/03/24WednesdayDance Show (3:00-9:00)
22/03/24FridayGCSE Dance Choreography EXAMINATION/ (intervention re –filming
of previous units) (9:00-3:00)
28/03/24ThursdayY11 Photos (Period 5)
01/04/24Two weeksEaster
15/04/24MondayStart of term
15/04/24All weekArt Exams (Provisional)
19/04/24MondayNext Steps Week- students reflect on their next steps after GCSE
29/04/24All weekGCSE Spanish Speaking Exams (provisional)
06/05/24All weekGCSE French Speaking Exams (provisional)
09/05/24ThursdayGCSE exams begin (provisional)
04/07/24ThursdayY11 Welcome Evening (presentation by Sixth Form Team-