Turton Proud Awards – Summer!

Dear parents,

We have reached the end of our first ‘normal’ year in quite some time.  This has required some extra resilience and resolve in our students, to bring the stamina that is required for a full school year.  We love to celebrate the successes here at Turton and so the Proud Awards are something that we love to share.


Each department has nominated one student in each key stage who they feel particularly proud of.   (KS3 = years 7, 8 & 9.   KS4 = year 10 KS5 = year 12.)


As ever, all of our Heads of Departments have been completely overwhelmed with nominations from our staff, and we want parents to know this is always a tough decision to name just one student.


Well done to everyone, not only those appearing on the awards.   We are so proud of ALL Turton students, they have demonstrated such endurance and commitment.


Mrs Lane

(Assistant Head Teacher)