‘Female Leaders’ Programme

‘Female Leaders’ Programme


I have designed a training programme for developing female leaders, which I have delivered twice now to women in Bolton schools. The programme has been very well received and so I plan to deliver this for a third time at Turton School, offering places beyond Bolton. It is a 4 session programme, with development work to be completed between sessions.


The programme will start on Wednesday 8th June, then Wednesday 15th, Wednesday 22nd and Wednesday 29th June; 1.30 – 4pm.


I’d like to offer 28 free places to people from schools in the North West, in order to enhance the discussions and widen the scope for development.


The programme covers the following areas and will adapt to the needs of the attendees:


  • The confidence gap
  • Speaking out in public
  • Expressing without fear/apology
  • Being in the public eye and overcoming the fear of humiliation
  • Quiet authority
  • Values, vision and purpose
  • Strength lined with tenderness
  • Menopause


The programme will suit women at both senior and middle leader level (including newly appointed Head Teachers).


Email gorses@turton.uk.com to book a place. Happy to accept several people from one school. Places allocated on a first come, first served basis.


‘Ask yourself everyday: did I help another woman today?’

-Christine Lagarde



Sam Gorse, Headteacher