Year 12 Closed for One Week

Dear parents,

In my previous email I expressed that we are currently struggling with high numbers of staff absence.


Unfortunately the situation has worsened as the week has progressed, leaving us in a position where we are struggling to cover all lessons across school.

As a consequence I have made the decision today to close down year 12 lessons for a week, beginning Monday 29th November.

This situation is far from ideal, but we are seeing a large number of Covid infections in staff and students at the moment.


Year 12 will work from home for the week, during which time they will work on their independent study skills and critical reading.

Students will be contacted by Mrs Bali and their teachers, ensuring that they are clear about what is expected of them in terms of work completion, for the week.


Students will resume normal lessons on Monday 6th December.


Should the staffing problem persists beyond next week, I will endeavour to ensure that year 12 are not affected again.


Year 12 have been working with the 6th form team on developing independent study, I hope this is an opportunity for them to put in practice the skills learned.


Best wishes,

Sam Gorse