Years 7,8 & 9 : Curriculum Evenings (Virtual Presentations)

Dear parents,

If your days are anything like mine, then there’s every chance that you’ve completely forgotten about the Curriculum & Pastoral Event at Turton!  So here is a little reminder, as we’d love for you to have the chance to ‘meet’ with us all, and put a face to the name. 


Year 7, 8 and 9 evenings are here:


There are presentations from:

  • Assistant Head (KS3 Learning)
  • Assistant Head (Pastoral Care)
  • Bolton Safeguarding Team (Exploitation online)
  • Your head of year
  • Your form tutor


If you have any feedback at all, good or bad, you can contact me at

Best wishes and take care,


Mrs Lane

(Assistant Head Teacher – KS3 Learning)