School Uniform Donations / Exchange

Dear Parents, 


We all know too well how expensive school uniforms are, and how quickly our little ones grow out of them.   We all also know how much clothing unnecessarily ends up in landfill, and the nightmare of not being able to find that one item of school uniform you need in the required size from the retailers because they have sold out.


We are now hopefully trying to organise a collection/stock of pre-loved Turton uniform.   We are trialling it on a FREE basis or voluntary swaps/small donation to school funds.   School have very kindly said they will supply a box at the office for any donated items – clean ones please!! The waterproof box for drop-offs is just outside the main entrance during school hours.


Hope everyone thinks it a good idea and will get on board.  Initial enquires will be via messaging Catherine Anne Jones on Facebook  -


Catherine Jones

(Turton Parent)