Team Proud’s Week Four Top Ten!

Our fourth week of Turton’s Proud Awards been a sheer delight.  Now, the top ten (for the first time) has been slightly dominated by year seven this week – go year seven!!  So, we are wondering if there are any other year groups out there who just won’t stand for that.  Who will step up to the plate?  Our second challenge is for a student to make it to the top ten twice…. As far as we know no-one’s managed it yet.   


Okay, here is our fourth top ten.   As ever, they are in no particular order, so don't worry Lily, yours is not last!  Looking forward to seeing if anyone will take up our challenges?  


Team Proud



Deadline: Thursdays at midday

Include: photo/video/file

               student name

               student year group

               approval for name & photo to go online