Crisis Career Heroes




Highlighting our #CrisisCareersHeroes

This week, we are celebrating the amazing #CrisisCareersHeroes - such as medics, cleaners, delivery drivers, supermarket staff and school staff  - who are helping us all get through the coronavirus outbreak.

We want to thank all of these amazing #CrisisCareersHeroes from the bottom of our hearts and help you learn more about the things they do in their jobs.


How you can join in:

Each day, we'll highlight a different field of work on our website and Twitter:

  • Make sure you follow us on Twitter, where we'll be highlighting a job or field of work throughout each day - like in the image below. We'll also share these on Facebook and Instagram.
  • If you think we've missed anyone out, let us know by tweeting @successatschool on the hashtag #CrisisCareersHeroes.
  • Follow the daily links to articles and interviews on our site and bookmark this special page on our website to view each day's new article.


Who are we highlighting?

  • Monday - Getting people and things around: Public transport drivers, delivery drivers, postal workers, warehouse staff. View our first article here.
  • Tuesday - Looking after us: NHS and medical staff, care workers.
  • Wednesday - Keeping things clean and working: cleaners, refuse collectors, maintenance engineers, water treatment workers.
  • Thursday - Keeping us fed: Supermarket staff, farm workers, food delivery workers.
  • Friday - Keeping our public services going: Emergency services workers, school staff, council staff, homeless shelter workers.
Visit the #CrisisCareersHeroes Webpage