Penalty notice fines for irregular attendance at school…

July 2018


Dear Parent

We are writing to notify you about an important change in Bolton’s code of conduct regarding penalty notice fines for irregular attendance at school.

From 1st September 2018, the criteria for issuing a penalty notice will be reduced and a fine will be considered where a pupil has had 10 sessions (equivalent of five days - consecutive or otherwise) of unauthorised absence over the period of two consecutive half terms.

This change has been introduced because of:

  • Requests from Head Teachers to strengthen sanctions for unnecessary absence from school
  • Increasing numbers of pupils who are classed as persistently absent
  • An increase in the amount of absence due to family holidays in term time

The borough’s schools and Bolton Council want all pupils to achieve the best possible results and there is a strong link between regular school attendance and attainment.

In law, an offence occurs if a parent or carer fails to secure their child’s regular attendance at school and that absence is not authorised by the Head Teacher.

The vast majority of pupils in Bolton have an excellent attendance record and we recognise the efforts of so many parents to ensure their children attend school regularly and make the most of their educational opportunities.

The School and Bolton Council will continue to work closely together to ensure our children can achieve the best possible outcomes.

Should you have any concerns about your child’s attendance or are experiencing difficulties, please contact the school and ask for help.

More information about penalty notices can be found on Bolton Council’s website:


Kind regards




Head Teacher