Science Homework #21: Year 11

Science Homework #21:  Year 11

Homework    Topic:
Question 1 Which part of the atmosphere protects us from ultra violet light from the Sun? P2
Question 2 Which useful chemical can the acidic gas, hydrogen chloride be converted to by oxidation? C3
Question 3 An injection containing a safe form of a disease causing micro-organism is known as a _____________? B2
Question 4 The electrolysis of brine (salt water) gives three useful chemicals...Name them. C3
Question 5 Which substance is used in the food industry AND to make chlorine AND to treat roads? C3
Question 6 As the distance from the source of EM radiation increases the intensity (stays the same/ increases/ decreases). Delete the wrong ones! P2
Question 7 Why might nanoparticles be used for tennis racquets? C2
Question 8 Sports clothing is less likely to smell after use when it contains nanoparticles. Why? C2