Science Homework #20: Year 11

Science Homework #20:  Year 11

Homework    Topic:
Question 1 What do automatic control systems use to detect changes in the environment? B2
Question 2 Radiation can do three things when it meets a material… What are they? P2
Question 3 Give one piece of evidence other than the jigsaw fit of continents to prove Wegener's theory. P1
Question 4 Which part of the atmosphere protects us from ultra violet light from the Sun? P2
Question 5 The spacing of particles in a substance is shown by which property? C2
Question 6 Why is large scale monoculture crop production not sustainable? B3
Question 7 Give two lifestyle choices which would reduce the risk of heart disease. B2
Question 8 A simple name for an object emitting radiation is a __________?? P2