Year 9 options for 2017/2018 (A letter for year 8 parents)

Year 9 options for 2017/2018 (A letter for year 8 parents)

Dear parents,

Over the past few years the expectations of student attainment at GCSE level has increased, following government led initiatives.   To support and prepare our students Turton staff have increased the expectations for our key stage 3 students.  During lessons students have been working hard and are relishing the increased challenge of learning in their classrooms.  We know that our students will have to be able to easily recall from a broad and deep knowledge base in order to achieve high results in exams at 16 and 18. 

As part of this continuing journey we are asking year 8 students to make some choices about the subjects they study in year 9.  There will still be a more extensive ‘options’ choice prior to the start of year 10, and all students will have full choice of all subjects, irrespective of the subjects they study in year 9. 

The choices available will be fully discussed at a curriculum meeting on Monday 3rd April between 4.45pm and 6pm, and all parents and their year 8 children are encouraged to attend this meeting. 

During the meeting there will be an opportunity to hear about the choices available from Ms Gorse and Mrs Bach in the Arts Theatre (4.45pm for T band and 5.15pm for S band), and also to a chance to visit subject staff and hear information about the available subject choices.  Prior to the curriculum evening students will receive a booklet during assembly time, detailing all of the available choices.  

I look forward to seeing you and your child on Monday 3rd April.  Please contact me at school if you have any queries.

Kind regards,

Cathy Bach

Deputy Head Teacher