Science Homework #17: Year 11

Science Homework #17:  Year 11


Homework    Topic:
Question 1 Which object that orbits the Sun follows a highly eccentric orbit? P1
Question 2 Sort these sources into primary OR secondary energy sources… fossil fuels, electricity, wind, nuclear, biofuels, waves and radiation from the Sun P3
Question 3 What is the scientific name for the process of particles dropping to the bottom of a lake/ sea? P1
Question 4 Give a way of losing water other than sweating and urine. B2
Question 5 How would increasing the crystallinity of a substance affect the density of the substance? C2
Question 6 Which substance does coal contain which results in the formation of sulfur dioxide when burnt? C1
Question 7 Give one problem of owning an electric car at the moment. C1       
Question 8 Give one piece of evidence other than the jigsaw fit of continents to prove Wegener's theory. P1