Homework Challenge: Science (Core Stability #9)

Science Homework (Year 11):  Core Stability #9

Please answer the following questions in your exercise book (entitled 'Core Stability #9')

Homework    Topic:
Question 1 Longitudinal earthquake waves are also known by which letter? P1
Question 2 What do we mean by mutations in terms of genes? B3
Question 3 Which organ is thought of a double pump? B2
Question 4 Why does the National Grid use high voltages to distribute the electricity? P3
Question 5 What do detrivores feed upon? B3
Question 6 Give three ways global warming might affect humans. P2
Question 7 Name a natural way in which gases and particulates may be released into the Earth's atmosphere. C1
Question 8 If nanoparticles have such wonderful properties then why are they not used more? C2