External Exam Timetables

External Exam Timetable


DateStartLengthBoardCodeComponent TitleRoom
Mon 16 May09:0000:45AQADRAM1AGCE Drama & Theatre Studies Unit 1ASTA
Mon 16 May09:0000:45AQADRAM1BGCE Drama & Theatre Studies Unit 1BSTA
Mon 16 May09:0001:15AQAECON1GCE Economics Unit 1 Written and OTSTA
Mon 16 May09:0001:30AQA7135/1Economics AS Paper 1STA
Mon 16 May13:0001:30AQA7181/1Psychology AS Paper 1STA
Mon 16 May13:0001:30AQAPSYA1GCE Psychology A Unit 1STA
Mon 16 May13:0001:30WJEC45110001Sociology Unit Unit 1 Written PaperSTA
Tue 17 May09:0001:30AQA7191/1Sociology AS Paper 1C1
Tue 17 May09:0001:00AQASCLY1GCE Sociology Unit 1C1
Tue 17 May09:0000:35AQA46551FFrench Unit 1 Tier FSTA
Tue 17 May09:0000:45AQA46551HFrench Unit 2 Tier FSTA
Tue 17 May09:0000:30AQA46552FFrench Unit 1 Tier HATH
Tue 17 May09:0000:50AQA46552HFrench Unit 2 Tier HATH
Tue 17 May13:0002:00AQAGEOG1GCE Geography Unit 1STA
Tue 17 May13:0001:00OCRA161/01Biology A: Mdls B1, B2, B3 Wrtn FndSTA
Tue 17 May13:0001:00OCRA161/02Biology A: Mdls B1, B2, B3 Wrtn HghSTA
Wed 18 May09:0001:30AQAMFP3GCE Mathematics Unit FP3STA
Wed 18 May09:0001:30AQAMPC1GCE Mathematics Unit PC1STA
Wed 18 May09:0001:30EDEXL5IT0101Living in A Digital WorldSPH
Wed 18 May13:0001:15AQAHIS1LGCE History Unit 1LSTA
Wed 18 May13:0001:30AQA40552Religious Studies B Unit 2SPH
Thu 19 May09:0002:00AQAMEST1GCE Media Studies Unit 1STA
Thu 19 May09:0001:45EDEXCEL6RS0101RE FoundationsSTA
Thu 19 May09:0001:00OCRA171/01Chemistry A: Mdls C1, C2, C3 Wrtn FndSTA
Thu 19 May09:0001:00OCRA171/02Chemistry A: Unit 1 C1, C2, C3 Wtn HghSTA
Thu 19 May13:0001:30AQA7131/1Business AS Paper 1STA
Thu 19 May13:0001:15AQABUSS1GCE Business Studies Unit 1STA
Thu 19 May13:0001:30WJEC45120001Sociology Unit Unit 2 Written PaperSTA
Fri 20 May09:0002:00OCRF661/01Eng Lit: Ptry & Prose 1800-1945 WrtnC1
Fri 20 May09:0000:35AQA46951FSpanish Unit 1 Tier FATH
Fri 20 May09:0000:45AQA46951HSpanish Unit 2 Tier FATH
Fri 20 May09:0000:30AQA46952FSpanish Unit 1 Tier HSTA
Fri 20 May09:0000:50AQA46952HSpanish Unit 2 Tier HSTA
Fri 20 May13:0001:30AQADANC1GCE Dance Unit 1STA
Fri 20 May13:0001:00AQAGEOG2GCE Geography Unit 2STA
Fri 20 May13:0001:30EDEXCEL5PE0101Theory of Physical ED.SPH
Mon 23 May09:0002:30WJEC11510001English Language LG1STA
Mon 23 May09:0001:15AQAECON2GCE Economics Unit 2 Written and OTSTA
Mon 23 May09:0002:00AQAPROD1GCE D & T: Product Des (3D-Des) Unit 1STA
Mon 23 May09:0002:00AQATEXT1GCE D & T: Product Des (Tex) Unit 1STA
Mon 23 May09:0001:30AQA7135/2Economics AS Paper 2STA
Mon 23 May09:0001:30AQA97151FEnglish Literature Unit 1 Tier FSPH
Mon 23 May09:0001:30AQA97151HEnglish Literature Unit 1 Tier HSPH
Mon 23 May13:0001:30AQA7181/2Psychology AS Paper 2STA
Mon 23 May13:0001:30AQAPSYA2GCE Psychology A Unit 2STA
Tue 24 May09:0002:00AQASPAN1GCE Spanish Unit 1MEZZ
Tue 24 May09:0001:30AQA7191/2Sociology AS Paper 2STA
Tue 24 May09:0002:00AQASCLY2GCE Sociology Unit 2STA
Tue 24 May09:0002:00OCRG451/01PE: an Introduction to PE WrittenSTA
Tue 24 May09:0001:00OCRG481/01Physics MechanicsSTA
Tue 24 May09:0001:30AQA7407/1GCE Physics AS Unit 1STA
Tue 24 May09:0001:15AQAPHYA1GCE Physics A Unit 1STA
Tue 24 May09:0002:00AQA45701D & T: Textiles Technology Unit 1SPH
Tue 24 May09:0001:30AQA48101Media Studies Unit 1SPH
Tue 24 May13:0001:30AQA7131/2Business AS Paper 2STA
Tue 24 May13:0001:30AQABUSS2GCE Business Studies Unit 2STA
Tue 24 May13:0001:30AQA90301FGeography A Unit 1 Tier FSPH
Tue 24 May13:0001:30AQA90301HGeography A Unit 1 Tier HSPH
Wed 25 May09:0001:30AQAMPC2GCE Mathematics Unit PC2STA
Wed 25 May13:0001:30AQAHIS2LGCE History Unit 2LSTA
Wed 25 May13:0001:00OCRA181/01Physics A: Mdls P1, P2, P3 Wrtn FndSTA
Wed 25 May13:0001:00OCRA181/02Physics A: Mdls P1, P2, P3 Wrtn HghSTA
Thu 26 May09:0001:45WJEC43700003Maths Paper 1FSPH
Thu 26 May09:0001:45EDEXCEL1MA0 1FNon Calculator (F)SPH
Thu 26 May09:0001:45EDEXCEL1MA0 1HNon Calculator (H)SPH
Thu 26 May13:0001:30EDEXCEL6BI0101Biology Transport, Genes & HealthSTA
Thu 26 May13:0001:30EDEXCEL8BN0 01Biology Lifestyle, Transport, GenesSTA
Fri 27 May09:0001:30AQA7404/1Chemistry AS Paper 1STA
Fri 27 May09:0001:15AQACHEM1GCE Chemistry Unit 1STA
Fri 27 May09:0001:15EDEXCEL6RS021CRE Study of EthicsSTA
Fri 27 May09:0001:15AQA97152FEnglish Literature Unit 2 Tier FSPH
Fri 27 May09:0001:15AQA97152HEnglish Literature Unit 2 Tier HSPH
Fri 27 May13:00`01:30AQAGENA1General Studies Unit 1STA
Mon 06 Jun09:0002:00AQAFREN1GCE French Unit 1MEZZ
Mon 06 Jun09:0001:30AQAGOVP1GCE Government and Politics Unit 1STA
Mon 06 Jun09:0001:45AQA91451History B Unit 1SPH
Mon 06 Jun13:00`01:30AQAGENA2General Studies Unit 2SPH
Mon 06 Jun13:0002:00AQA45451D & T: Food Technology Unit 1STA
Tue 07 Jun09:0001:00WJEC41710001English / Engl Unit 1 FoundationSPH
Tue 07 Jun09:0001:00WJEC41710002English / Engl Unit 1 HigherSPH
Tue 07 Jun09:0001:00WJEC41720001English / Engl Unit 2 FoundationSPH
Tue 07 Jun09:0001:00WJEC41720002English / Engl Unit 2 HigherSPH
Tue 07 Jun13:0001:30EDEXCEL8BN0 02Biology Dev., Plants & EnvironmentSTA
Tue 07 Jun13:0001:30EDEXCEL6BI0201Biology Dev, Plants & EnvironmentSTA
Tue 07 Jun13:0001:30AQA40554Religious Studies B Unit 4SPH
Wed 08 Jun09:0001:30OCRA451/01ComputingSPH
Wed 08 Jun09:0002:00AQAMEST3GCE Media Studies Unit 3STA
Wed 08 Jun09:0001:30AQAMM03GCE Mathematics Unit M03STA
Wed 08 Jun09:0001:30AQAMS1BGCE Mathematics Unit S1BSTA
Wed 08 Jun13:0001:30AQAPSYA3GCE Psychology A Unit 3STA
Wed 08 Jun13:0001:30AQA90302FGeography A Unit 2 Tier FSPH
Wed 08 Jun13:0001:30AQA90302HGeography A Unit 2 Tier HSPH
Thu 09 Jun09:0001:45WJEC43700004Maths Paper 2FSPH
Thu 09 Jun09:0001:45EDEXCEL1MA0 2FCalculator (F)SPH
Thu 09 Jun09:0001:45EDEXCEL1MA0 2HCalculator (H)SPH
Thu 09 Jun13:0002:30AQAGEOG3GCE Geography Unit 3STA
Thu 09 Jun13:0001:30AQAGOVP2GCE Government and Politics Unit 2STA
Thu 09 Jun13:0001:30AQA7407/2Physics AS Paper 2STA
Thu 09 Jun13:0001:45OCRG482/01GCE Physics Electrons Waves etcSTA
Thu 09 Jun13:0001:15AQAPHYA2GCE Physics A Unit 2STA
Fri 10 Jun09:0002:00AQAPROD3GCE D & T: Product Des (3D-Des) Unit 3STA
Fri 10 Jun09:0002:00AQATEXT3GCE D & T: Product Des (Tex) Unit 3STA
Fri 10 Jun09:0001:30AQAHIS3MGCE History Unit 3MSTA
Fri 10 Jun09:0001:00OCRA162/01Biology A: Mdls B4, B5, B6 Wrtn FndSPH
Fri 10 Jun09:0001:00OCRA162/02Biology A: Mdls B4, B5, B6 Wrtn HghSPH
Fri 10 Jun13:0001:30AQA7404/2Chemistry AS Paper 2STA
Fri 10 Jun13:0001:45AQACHEM2GCE Chemistry Unit 2STA
Fri 10 Jun13:00`02:00AQAGENA3General Studies Unit 3STA
Fri 10 Jun13:0002:00WJEC40800001Business Studies Written PaperSPH
Fri 10 Jun13:0001:00AQA42701Music Unit 1M26
Mon 13 Jun13:0001:30AQA45801Home EC: Child Development Unit 1STA
Tue 14 Jun09:0002:30AQAFREN3GCE French Unit 3MEZZ
Tue 14 Jun09:0002:00AQAPSYA4GCE Psychology A Unit 4STA
Tue 14 Jun13:0001:45AQABUSS3GCE Business Studies Unit 3STA
Tue 14 Jun13:0001:45AQACHEM4GCE Chemistry Unit 4STA
Tue 14 Jun13:0001:30OCRF452/01Computing: Prgm Techs/Lgcl Mthds WrtnSTA
Tue 14 Jun13:0001:30AQAGOV3AGCE Government and Politics Unit 3ASTA
Tue 14 Jun13:0001:45AQA91452History B Unit 2SPH
Wed 15 Jun09:0002:30WJEC11540001English Language LG4SPH
Wed 15 Jun09:0001:30AQAMFP1GCE Mathematics Unit FP1SPH
Wed 15 Jun09:0001:30AQAMPC3GCE Mathematics Unit PC3SPH
Wed 15 Jun09:0001:45EDEXCEL6RS0301RE DevelopmentsSPH
Wed 15 Jun09:0000:50AQA46851Polish Unit 1STA
Wed 15 Jun13:00`02:00AQAGENA4General Studies Unit 4STA
Wed 15 Jun13:0001:00OCRA172/01Chemistry A: Mdls C4, C5, C6 Wrtn FndSPH
Wed 15 Jun13:0001:00OCRA172/02Chemistry A: Mdls C4, C5, C6 Wrtn HghSPH
Thu 16 Jun09:0001:45OCRG356/01Music: Histrcl & Anlytcl Studs WrttnM26
Thu 16 Jun09:0001:30AQAGEO4BGCE Geography Unit 4BSTA
Thu 16 Jun09:0002:00AQA45601D & T: Resistant Materials Tech Unit 1STA
Thu 16 Jun13:0001:30EDEXCEL6BI0401Biology Natural EnvironmentSTA
Thu 16 Jun13:0001:30AQABIOL4Biology Unit 4STA
Thu 16 Jun13:0001:30AQAGOV4AGCE Government and Politics Unit 4ASTA
Fri 17 Jun09:0002:00OCRF663/01Eng Lit: Drama & Poetry PRE-18OO WrtnSTA
Fri 17 Jun09:0002:30OCRG453/01PE: Prncpls & Cncpts Across PE WrttnSTA
Fri 17 Jun09:0001:00OCRA182/01Physics A: Mdls P4, P5, P6 Wrtn FndSPH
Fri 17 Jun09:0001:00OCRA182/02Physics A: Mdls P4, P5, P6 Wrtn HghSPH
Fri 17 Jun13:0001:30AQADANC3GCE Dance Unit 3STA
Fri 17 Jun13:0001:30AQAMPC4GCE Mathematics Unit PC4STA
Mon 20 Jun09:0002:30AQASPAN3GCE Spanish Unit 3MEZZ
Mon 20 Jun09:0002:00AQADRAM3GCE Drama and Theatre Studies Unit 3STA
Mon 20 Jun09:0001:30AQASCLY3GCE Sociology Unit 3STA
Mon 20 Jun09:0001:30AQA8360/1Further Maths Paper 1 onlySTA
Mon 20 Jun09:0001:45AQAPHYA4GCE Physics A Unit 4 Written and OTSTA
Mon 20 Jun09:0003:00OCRA163/02Biol A Mdl B7 + Further Maths Paper 1ATH
Mon 20 Jun13:0001:45EDEXCEL5AR01/03Arabic Listening and ReadingC1
Mon 20 Jun13:0002:00AQAECON3GCE Economics Unit 3STA
Tue 21 Jun09:0001:00AQA46852Polish Unit 2STA
Tue 21 Jun10:0001:00AQA46854Polish Unit 4STA
Tue 21 Jun09:0001:30AQAMM1BGCE Mathematics Unit M1BSTA
Tue 21 Jun09:0001:30AQAMS2BGCE Mathematics Unit S2BSTA
Tue 21 Jun13:0001:15EDEXCEL6RS041ARE Philosophy of ReligionSTA
Wed 22 Jun09:0001:00OCRA173/02Chemistry A: Chem A Mdl C7 Wrtn HghSTA
Wed 22 Jun09:0001:45AQACHEM5GCE Chemistry Unit 5ATH
Wed 22 Jun09:0002:00OCRF453/01Computing: Advnd Cmptng Theory WrttnSTA
Wed 22 Jun13:0001:00AQA42301Dance Unit 1STA
Wed 22 Jun13:0001:45AQABUSS4GCE Business Studies Unit 4STA
Thu 23 Jun09:0002:15AQABIOL5Biology Unit 5STA
Thu 23 Jun09:0001:45EDEXCEL6BI0501Biology Energy, Exercise & Coord. STA
Thu 23 Jun13:0001:00EDEXCEL5AR/04Arabic WritingSTA
Thu 23 Jun13:0002:00AQAECON4GCE Economics Unit 4STA
Thu 23 Jun13:0002:00AQASCLY4GCE Sociology Unit 4STA
Fri 24 Jun09:0001:30AQAMD01GCE Mathematics Unit D01STA
Fri 24 Jun09:0003:00OCRA183/02Phys A Module P7 + Further Maths Paper 2SPH
Fri 24 Jun09:0001:30AQA8360/2Further Maths Paper 2 onlySTA
Fri 24 Jun09:0001:30AQAMFP2GCE Mathematics Unit FP2STA
Mon 27 Jun09:0001:30AQAMM2BGCE Mathematics Unit M2BSTA
Tue 28 Jun09:0001:45AQAPHA5CGCE Physics A Unit 5CSTA