Events Checklist

Event Information

Event Name:

Person Responsible:

Email address:

Date of Event:

Start Finish

General Information

1. Event on school calendar?
 (Check) / If no please inform Bev Philbin )

2. Method to inform parents?

emailletterwebsitesocial mediaOther

3. Informed Joanne Shaw to invite Governors?

Date Joanne Informed:

Date Staff informed:

4. Refreshments required? YesNo

Event Details

1. Event Description

2. Rooms Required

If you are using the following rooms during the school day please make sure you have made arrangements with the member of staff in charge of these areas: 

Arts Theatre - Jeanette Bimpson
Library - Judith Sprawling
Sports Hall, Gym - Liam Carr & Dan Overend
Study Area, C1 - Sixth Form Office 

3. Site Team Requirements
(and rooms setup)
(Please attach a plan to Andy Morris if necessary)

4. Site Team - Times required (Include Setup/Pack up)

Arrival Finish

5. Do you require external lighting between the two buildings?

6. Do you require a boiler being set up?


7a. Do you require the heating to be on for the event? YesNo

7b. Please give details of rooms needing heating and times required.

Technical Support

1. Do you require technical assistance at the time of the event? YesNo

2. Please write details of support needed:


1. Do you require prefects for your event? YesNo

2. How many do you require?

3. What time are they needed? Start Finish

Risk Assessment for Event

1. For a daytime event, where is the evacuation point for visitors?

2. For an evening event...

2a. Who is the nominated first aider for this event?

2b. Who is the fire marshall for this event?

2c. Who is the fire evacuation officer for this event?

2d. Where is the fire evacuation point for this event?

3. For an event with external companies meeting within school...

3a. Do you have a scanned copy of their Public Liability Insurance (£10,000,000 Cover Minimum)?

3b. Have you seen evidence that electrical equipment they use has been PAT tested?

Final Confirmation

4a. Please tick which risk assessment you are using?

Day Event in School

(Word Template || PDF Template)

Evening Event in School

(Word Template || PDF Template)

Personalised Risk Assessment

4b. I can confirm that I have shared the risk assessment and the names of the nominated staff with all staff managing this event (REQUIRED):

I Confirm.