Bus service (925) Live Web Tracking Service

As part of our recent changes to school bus services, the bus companies have been working with the operator at Vision bus to have their services show up on the Vision Bus website where they can be tracked.


At present those live are 81, 83, 89 (St Bedes) 822 (DACA) and soon to be online 925 (Turton/Canon Slade).


This will help both pupils and parents to know where the bus is, if it’s on time and if late, how long it’s likely to be. As there have been issues in the past and the frustration that parents or pupils don’t have any idea where they are, or if it’s coming and if so when.


When this does happen, pupils will set off walking or return home then find the bus turned up shortly after they left.


Hopefully this will offer some peace of mind if it happens.