Turton Proud Awards (October 2020)

Dear parents,

We have reached the end of a very successful and indeed happy period for the staff at Turton, as we have children in our school again!!  We are incredibly proud of the way that our students have returned to school showing such responsibility and having great compassion for others.   They have also all risen to the challenge of their learning with great dedication.  As a way of recognising this hard work, we have brought back the ‘Proud Awards’ from the lockdown period.  But this time with a new format.   Each department has nominated one student in each key stage who they feel particularly proud of.   (KS3 = years 7, 8 & 9.   KS4 = years 10 & 11.  KS5 = years 12 & 13.)


All of our Heads of Departments told us that it was impossible to choose, and asked if they could nominate ten names not just one!  So we’ve told them that we hope to do this all again before Christmas, to give them another chance to nominate.


Well done to everyone, not only those appearing on the awards.   We are so proud of ALL Turton students.


Mrs Lane & Mrs Edge

(Assistant Head Teachers)