Uniform requirements: Years 10 & 11

Dear parent,

After the news of schools reopening fully in September, I emailing to remind you of our uniform requirements ahead of the summer holidays. There is a full uniform list attached to this email.  When we return to school in September we will be expecting all our students to be wearing full school uniform. 


The uniform shops are open, although some are operating on an appointment basis and you may need to book ahead of your visit to them.


There are a few points I would like to bring to your attention:


Students in years 11 from September will have the choice of black trousers or skirt and can wear a black sweatshirt with the logo on, instead of a blazer.


Piercings (apart from a single, plain stud in the ears) are not allowed in school. 


False and painted nails, false eyelashes are not permitted.


Hair should be a natural colour and extreme haircuts are not allowed.


Students will need to have their own equipment in September, with pens, pencil, rubber, maths calculator, protractor and ruler in school each day.


I imagine that you and your family will hopefully looking forward to routines being more normal and I appreciate the support between school and home in maintaining our high standards.


Until the holidays begin, work continues to be set on teams.  When it arrives I wish you and your family a good holiday, and hopefully a break from home schooling.


Kind regards,

Cathy Bach

Deputy head teacher