Information for Parents of Year 10 & 12 Students

Information for Parents of Year 10 & Year 12 Students

Dear parents of year 10 & 12 students,

I wanted to send one more email ahead of our sessions in school, beginning next week; to re-assure you that we are well prepared and looking forward to seeing some students face-to-face.

I also want to make sure that we work together to ensure the safety of everyone, by minimising any risk of contamination.

With this in mind, can I ask you all to pay close attention to the following:

  • Students in year 10 should wear clean school uniform to attend school. This is mainly so that they can be identified as Turton students in the local area. But also to create as much normality as possible amidst so many changes to routine.
  • Each room has been allocated a maximum capacity to ensure social distancing. This must be adhered to.
  • Only two people will be allowed in the toilet at any one time.
  • Students must stick rigidly to their allocated slots and not come onto the school site at any other time. They must arrive for their session and leave the site immediately after their session. Students who arrive early due to bus times, or need to wait for a bus at the end, will be given permission to wait in the dining room.
  • You are asked to ensure that students minimise the use of public transport by either walking or cycling to school.
  • Classrooms will be cleaned thoroughly at 3pm each day, ready for the next day. Desks and other surfaces will be wiped down intermittently throughout the day and door handles etc., will be wiped down regularly. In addition, hand sanitisers and disinfectant wipes will be available in classrooms.
  • Toilets will be thoroughly cleaned daily and spot cleaned intermittently.
  • Students should minimise what they bring into school by sticking to what is essential for the lesson.
  • Parents should not come into school, unless it is an emergency or you are asked to attend by a member of staff. Only one person should be in reception at a time.
  • Students will enter a classroom for their allocated session and remain in this room the whole time. For year 10, toast will be delivered to the classroom for a mid-way break.
  • Members of the Leadership team will escort students into school and again when they leave.
  • 2m markers have been placed on the back drive and relevant corridors and students must adhere to hygiene requirements throughout their time in school.
  • Any student who puts other people at risk by not following the safety procedures, will be sent home.


A couple of years ago we undertook an extensive building project on site, which caused huge disruption to normal working and required us to adjust our safety practices and regulations. Turton students were nothing less than impressive in their behaviour throughout this lengthy project. Thus I am confident that by working together to ensure everyone complies with these new regulations, we can achieve a positive and productive few weeks in school, while keeping everyone safe.


If any parent would like to see a copy of our risk assessment, please get in touch.


To finish, I want to re-iterate that it is your choice as to whether you send your child to school or not during this period. I completely respect your decision either way and absences will only be followed up for safeguarding purposes, not to put pressure on attendance. Normal regulations around reporting absences have been suspended by the government.


Kind regards,

Sam Gorse