Back to School – Transport Update

As a result of COVID 19 measures to reduce infection risk social distancing has affected transport capacity. Public transport and school services capacity limited to around 10 to 20%, which is especially problematic during the peak.

We want to make it as safe as possible for students to return to school during lockdown and beyond.

If your child is returning to school from 15th June, please help protect school buses and public transport for those with no alternative and cycle or walk if possible. To get help and advice on cycling and walking, including tips on journey planning visit

For students who must use public transport, space will be limited due to social distancing and with capacity restraints this may mean pupils won’t be able to board all services. 

Please inform school if your child is intending to use a school bus by emailing Mrs Bach   School buses will arrive at school for 9.45am and depart at 1.10pm as long as there is a need for them.

A TfGM igo card is proof of age ID (needed for child tickets from age 11) and is also a smart card for buying tickets online, see for details.

Buses will be operating with a significantly reduced capacity to meet social distancing guidelines. This capacity is not flexible and once reached, additional passengers will not be permitted to board. Under these circumstances, seats on Yellow School Buses can no longer be guaranteed.  When boarding the bus, we recommend that passengers fill seats from the back of the vehicle first to minimise contact with others, while adhering to social distancing guidance.

Trains are running at reduced capacity as well.

Also, when using public transport students should keep themselves and others safe by wearing a face covering; keeping your distance; washing their hands regularly and buying tickets online or use mobile apps where possible, and using exact change if cash is needed.


Kind regards,


Cathy Bach

Deputy head teacher