Turton School Uniform: Skirts

March 2020
Dear Parent
I am writing to you today regarding Turton’s school uniform.
As some of you are probably aware, in the past, Turton has received some criticism for its student uniform, with comments relating to students being casual or too scruffy. In more recent years, we have avidly addressed this by insisting on a high standard of uniform and ensuring that Turton students wear their uniform with pride. Now, when visitors come to Turton, including Ofsted, they frequently comment on how smart the pupils look.
Throughout this drive to raise standards, we have held true to the value of keeping the uniform costs as low as possible for parents, by keeping the uniform simply and readily available in a wide range of shops.
Despite all this, the one aspect of uniform that we are unable to consistently maintain a high standard in is skirts. We waste many mornings dealing with girls who wear inappropriate skirts, which not only lower the standards, but also can cause indignity at times.
In an attempt to solve this problem, once and for all, I am writing to let you know that we are introducing a standard issue skirt from September 2020. The skirt is produced by our local uniform manufacturers, and is pleated, navy blue, of a decent length and contains the school logo.
From September 2020, we expect girls in years 7 to 10 to wear the standard uniform skirt; all other skirts will not be allowed. Students in year 11 will be permitted to wear the current black skirt with the black, year 11 sweatshirt, for this final year.
We will be holding a meeting for parents on Monday 16th March at 5.00 pm, in the Arts Theatre. Please come along if you have any queries or questions relating to this uniform change.
Whilst the new skirt is well within the average pricing, compared to other schools, we recognise that the initial purchase of a new skirt may be an additional cost in some cases. If you are concerned about the cost and require support with this, please contact Cathy Bach in the first instance.
Kind regards
Sam Gorse
Head Teacher