Christmas Jumper Day

Our Ref: NRP/JH/Non Uniform

December 2018

Dear Parent,

We are planning to hold a Christmas Jumper Day on the last day of Term, Friday 21st December 2018. Monies raised will go to T-Force charity and Bolton Hospice.

As on previous occasions we ask the students to bring £1 to school by or before Friday 21st December 2018 so that they may enjoy the privilege of not wearing school uniform. This money should be given to their Group Tutor. Any student who does not bring the money to school will be expected to wear full school uniform.

May we also remind you that extremes of clothing will be discouraged and we will not be relaxing the rules on the wearing of jewellery, nor will we be allowing coloured hair spray.

I trust that you will support us with this event.

Yours sincerely,





Miss N R Parry
Assistant Head Teacher