We are seeking a governor (with responsibility for Health & Safety)


We are currently seeking a governor with responsibility for Health and Safety, to assist the Deputy Headteacher and Business Manager in their role as school health and safety representatives.

The Governing Board delegate specific health and safety tasks to others in school but retains ultimate responsibility for school.

The Health and Safety Governor would be required to:

  • Work with the school’s health and safety representatives, the Deputy Headteacher and Business Manager and make regular termly health and safety inspections of premises
  • Attend appropriate training
  • Keep the Governing Body informed of health and safety issues
  • Keep up to date with current legislation relating to health and safety matters received in school or other publications
  • Assist in monitoring and review of health and safety policy and ensure this is completed annually
  • Ensure suitable risk assessments are carried out as set out in health and safety policy, that these are reviewed annually and suitable procedures put in place to manage risks
  • Ensure procedures such as fire drills are carried out
  • Ensure regular reports on health and safety matters are received by governing body such as accident statistics, results of health and safety checks
  • Ensure local authority annual health and safety audit is carried out
  • Be aware of health and safety implications of matters under consideration by governing body and ensure these are understood before a decision is taken
  • Report back to the governing body following focused visits to school using agreed protocol on visiting.


Expressions of interest should emailed to Joanne Shaw, Clerk to Governors, at shawj@turton.uk.com, by Friday 18th May 2018.